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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


A Tennessee lawyer has been suspended for one year due to his actions representing the woman he was having an affair with in her divorce proceedings.  Lance Parr failed to advise his client about the conflict of interest or obtain any type of waiver for the conflict.  He also tried to quash a subpoena for text messages between himself and the woman claiming attorney-client privilege, which did not apply in the situation.  Worse, Mr. Parr forged a client's signature to a document, notarized the signature and submitted the forged document to the court. 

It was stated that Mr. Parr's actions violated Tennessee Rules 1.7 (conflicts), 3.1 (meritorious claims), 3.3 (candor toward the tribunal) and 8.4 (misconduct).  In addition to his suspension, Mr. Parr must pay the costs of the disciplinary proceeding as well as be evaluated by the Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program and any recommendations they offer before he can be reinstated. 

The opinion can be read here.

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