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Monday, June 18, 2012


Aaron Isaacson, an Illinois attorney, is facing possible disbarment for "[not] thinking anything of it [his roommate's drug activities] at the time."  His roommate, Ryan Yoselowitz, apparently dealt drugs from their shared home in Logan Square.  Isaacson apparently witnessed rug deals going down as well as using marijuana and cocaine himself.  Isaacson knew his roommate's income came only from dealing drugs. 

Isaacson worked as a Lake County prosecutor handling, occasionally, misdemeanor drug cases and traffic cases until 2009.  Yoselowitz was arrested in 2009, and Isaacson was given immunity for testifying against him.  Yoselowitz is now serving a 12 year sentence. 

Isaacson's lawyer, his uncle who is a lawyer at DLA Piper told the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Committee about Isaacson's great character, is asking for a significant suspension instead of disbarment. 

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