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Thursday, August 16, 2012


A former Connecticut prosecutor, David Holzback, who was fired recently due to his secretly filming women's legs in and around the courthouse, may be suspended for his voyeuristic behavior as well. Suzanne Sutton, the Chief Disciplinary Counsel for the State of Connecticut, is asking for Holzback's license to be suspended immediately on an interim basis. In support of her request, she states, "[Holzback} cannot be trusted to avoid voyeurism of prospective clients, witnesses or other counsel" and "[he] poses a substantial threat of irreparable harm to his clients or prospective clients" because he "cannot control his deviant behavior as is evident by the long history of behavior and prior reprimands associated with this behavior."
It is alleged that Holzback used a "spy pen" to film females at the courthouse without their permission. He was previously reprimanded by the prosecutor's office twice before - in 1992 for filming courthouse staff in the hallways, offices, and parking lot as well as in 2006 for taking photos of a female intern in the prosecutor's office.

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